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Jun 23, 2021

Think big - start small - scale fast; the Army’s plan to go green

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It was a pleasure to welcome Major General Southall CBE, Director of Basing and Infrastructure at the British Army. The title of the event, Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast is the Army's approach to tackling climate change. Before going on to describe that approach, General Southall outlined why the transition to sustainability is important from a National Security perspective. He highlighted two imperatives that are specific to the Armed Forces: the first being driven by business, as the Army’s estate spends 85% of its budget on running costs, and the second being operational, whereby the army must move on from industrial-aged warfare and be better adapted to fight future conflicts in a digitised asymmetric age. General Southall left us with three requests for help from industry: the need to better understand our baseline, the need to prepare for policy change and lastly, the need for industry delivery partners to demonstrate their carbon costs.

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