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The Strategic Choice.

Membership of The D Group will enable your leadership teams to build strategic relationships, gain competitively advantageous insights and engage our network that has been maintained over 32 years at the highest levels of commerce and governments.
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Engage. Understand. Compete.
We use our network and advisory group, alongside the substantial business experience of our executive team, for the benefit of our members.

Networking & relationship building

We proactively connect our members to the right people to create opportunities and build strategic relationships to help their businesses succeed.

Dedicated Account Management

Each Member is assigned a dedicated account manager to collaboratively agree strategic goals and deliverables.

Private Briefing Programme

Face-to-face and digital briefings on strategic issues that are directed by the membership.

Thematic Working Groups

Our Working Groups convene experts from industry, government and academia to deep dive into topics critical to our Members' success.

Strategic Business Development

We provide insights and intelligence to our membership which can support members’ business development objectives.

Strategic Advisory Services

We offer a range of strategic advisory services that are either delivered in-house, by one of our members, or by one of our associate partners.

Our Network

  • Our Membership
    We convene a diverse cross-sector membership which includes large multinational companies alongside emerging growth companies and specialist suppliers.
  • Governments
    We engage with multiple governments, governmental departments and public figures to deliver insights to our members.
  • Institutional organisations
    We are connected with the UK's foremost Embassies, Institutes, Universities and think tanks for the benefit of our members.
27 years of strategic engagement

Supporting the success of our members

We support the success of our members by looking to the future and focusing on the strategic issues and opportunities they will need to tackle to maintain their success. We engage governments, partnerships and institutions to understand these strategic issues and translate them into practical advice our members can action, underpinned by an exceptional, high impact and responsive network.
The D Group

Meet our team

Supporting The D Group

Meet our advisory board

Multinational Corporation
Their networks are exceptional and highly responsive; consistently adding material value to our ability to engage, understand and compete.
Former Secretary of State
UK Government
For a minister, the attraction of visiting The D Group is frank and constructive dialogue, in a non-lobbying environment, with knowledgeable senior business figures from a range of sectors.
Angela Owen OBE
D Group is one of those rare organisations that manages to find nearly as many female speakers as male, no mean feat!
Women in Defence UK
Jeremy Black MBE
Former Professor of History
I always enjoy speaking at The D Group and meeting its members. It is an excellent organisation and a key element of our national intellectual capital.
University of Exeter
Ed Robinson
Director, Global Defence
I have been a regular attendee at The D Group, ever since attending a book launch in 2014. Their speakers and attendees at events are vibrant and insightful market leaders; the movers and shakers of our time who are shaping the future.
Turner & Townsend
Ian Taylor
Strategic Advisor
D Group have deep expertise and influence, which is why their Space Working Group discussions have included top executives, academics and politicians to discuss and analyse a wide range of topics which are relevant not just to the Space sector but impact on the broader economy. It is clear that these dialogues will positively affect future policies and alliances.
Phil O’Grady
Associate Director
I joined The D Group because it is an excellent vehicle for networking and growing our business. They are able to bring UK business and political leaders together to unify critical parts of the economy.