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The sectors and markets we operate in

While The D Group is sector agnostic, we choose focus areas each year that are critical to our Members' success. Our Working Groups provide a mutually beneficial environment for the public and private sector to work together on issues of vital importance to the UK’s prosperity.

Our Thematic Working Group Terms of Reference for 2023 are:
National Security Working Group
To consider UK national security through a Fusion Doctrine lens including all instruments of national strategy – security, defence, foreign and development policy. We regularly submit written evidence to the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy and produce our own reports and articles on national security affairs.
Infrastructure Working Group
To work closely with the Infrastructure & Project Authority (IPA) within the Cabinet Office in shaping thinking in Government on delivering its national infrastructure strategy. It provides a public-private collaborative forum for sharing knowledge, experience and opportunities to enhance success for its members.
Space Working Group
To strengthen existing institutions which advocate for the sector, encourage closer collaboration between government and industry, and to learn from the experiences of other sectors (transport, infrastructure, and defence) in managing complex government programmes. Its findings will be presented to multiple Parliamentary Committees in partnership with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Space.

As the UK grows its way out of recent challenges, the D Group's ability to assemble helpful and committed private sector enterprise is exactly what will be needed.

Lord Sedwill • Former Cabinet Secretary and National Security Adviser.
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