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Oct 22, 2020

D Insights: Parliamentary Oversight of National Security

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The decision by the Chancellor to not proceed with the Autumn Comprehensive Spending Review has immediate repercussions for the forthcoming Integrated Review of foreign, security, defence and development policy and a longer-term impact on UK strategy and national security. Further decisions are now to be made: Go ahead as planned; delay; or publish a strategy that is divorced from resources. The arguments on both sides for quintennial reviews versus ‘posture’ reviews will continue.

This issue of D Insights is based on our briefing programme and brings together insights from senior Whitehall, military, academia and industry speakers. It also includes contributions from The D Group members who operate across the whole value chain of companies engaged with UK defence and security, many of whom are Members of our Working Groups on National Security, Defence and Space.

The views expressed in this podcast are those of the contributors and do not reflect the views of The D Group.  

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